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About Varied / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Audra Cohen ٩ ( ✪͈̀ ᗜ ✪͈́) ۶Female/United States Groups :iconclub-der-horrorland: CLUB-DER-HORRORLAND
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About Me

About Me

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Fandoms I'm in:
-Five Nights at Freddy's-
-Steven Universe-
-Gravity Falls-
-Zatch Bell!-
-My Little Pony-

My OTP's:
-Frexy (Freddy x Foxy)-
-Fangle (Foxy x Mangle)-
-GoldenAge (Springtrap *the suit*x Golden Freddy)-
-Toy Bonnie x Withered Bonnie-
-Slappy x Amy-
-Slappycest (Book!Slappy x TV!Slappy)-
-Slappy x Jimmy O' James (lol)-
-Connie x Steven-
-Ruby x Sapphire-
-Peridot x Lapis Lazuli-
-FlutterCord (Fluttershy x Discord)-
-CheesyPie (Cheese Sandwich x Pinkie Pie)-
-FlashLight (Flash Sentry x Twilight Sparkle)-
-RainbowThunder (Thunderlane x Rainbow Dash)-
-Karkat x Nepeta-
-Purple Guy x DEATH-
-Space Core x Curiosity Core-
-Cave Johnson x Caroline-
-Lutecest (Robert x Rosalind Lutece)-

My OC's:
-Anyone in my webcomic Arcadia-
-Krocko the Animatronic Alligator (FNAF)-
-The Music Box (FNAF)-
-Gary the Horror (Goosebumps)-
-Honey "T" Hart (Goosebumps)-
-Shadino & Antionette (Zatch Bell!)-
-Stanis Skanam (Homestuck)-
-Anne Harpe (Bully)-
-Rubellite (Steven Universe)-
-Control Freak (My Little Pony)-

And before anyone asks, YES you can totally draw my OC's. I would probably cry if you did ;w;

Some of my favorite people on here~ (in no particular order)
:iconpersonelchange::iconsorrowscall::iconqueen-of-fanart::iconlegandarydeviant::iconhammyhammy22::iconradical-hat::icongirlyrainbowvampire::iconthe-invader-trixie::iconplyesdayk::iconcaptain-starry::iconmakeyourownmusic::iconironbloodaika::iconatalix::iconnemo-tv-champion::iconhooded666::iconshadathehedgehog::iconsocalgirllbkate::iconwicker123::icongeeksomniac::iconaquasproductions: :iconizzymaster::iconlewisrockets::icongeekgemladiesman11::iconqueen-of-ink::iconphantomiserik::iconfallenchibiangel::iconsamid11::iconimmaseagoathearmebaa:

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Note about Art Trades: I'm currently only doing art trades with people I'm friends with/friendly with. Sorry, no strangers at the moment!

Check the journal for details about commissioning me:…
Or, if you would prefer, send me a note! I'll try to get back to it as soon as I can!

When paying through PayPal, please remember to specify an address is not needed, as these are digital commissions, and be sure to pay using Goods and Services.

Again, I DO NOT take point commissions, so please DO NOT ask.

Peridot by itsaaudra

Other ways you can contact me~:
Skype: doomysan (I don't use it much xD)
Steam: itsaaudra OR because im a potato (PLAY GAMES WITH ME!!!) itsaaudra
Instagram: audradrawssometimes

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And if anyone happens to know how to make an awesome theme/background, please let me know because mine is boring.

(but i post art there more frequently!)

Please reblog my art and help my art get more attention! My art tag is here!: dontyoufourcheddarboutme.tumbl…

It would really mean a lot to me! Thank you.

I also have a redbubble where I sell my art on shirts and things!
Check that out here-->…


Disgustingly long work week ahead of me; don't expect quick responses or a lot of art being posted :U 

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1000 Watchers!!!!

Tue Apr 7, 2015, 9:31 PM
WOOOOOOOOO!!! Airborne Airborne Airborne Happy Another Foxy Chat Icon because why not Ashleigh on Cactus Juice (Icon) Garnet Emote 5 TIME DANCE! -DHMIS 

After 8 years on this website, I have finally reached an amazing benchmark: 1000 watchers! 
Thank you ALL so so so much for choosing to watch and stick with me, especially those who have been watching me for a really long time xD
I appreciate it so much, and for that, I'm going to be offering 25, count 'em, 25 request slots!!!! I rarely ever do requests, so now's your chance to get one~!

Now, a note about the requests; they're going to all be sketches (unless I really really like how it came out =3=; or you want to commission me to finish it) I haven't decided on whether or not they will be digital sketches or pencil sketches BUT they're all going to be in one big picture (separated, of course!) and I will send them to you all individually too~ I will draw literally anything, so don't hold back. This is only open to watchers~
SO, claim a slot now:

1. ImmaSeaGoatHearMeBaa 
Gamma having a girl talk with Arcadia while she (Gamma) puts flowers in her hair. The topic of what they talk about can be about anything you find that would be good!
2. Darkshadow-mlp
Phantom Darren the Deer (FNAF OC); almost all endoskeleton.
3. Pfudor5
Arcadia Characters as Animtronics.
4. Ironbloodaika
5. PersonelChange
Ballistica and Gate!
6. GeekGemLadiesMan11
Doggy (FNAF OC)
7. LumenBlurb
Turn Terrible Dactyl from Dinosaucers into an Animatronic
8. GadzooksPony
A happy Mangle~
9. LaughterLover
Half and Half
10. CapriciousToxin
Their Purple Guy, Lucian!

Don't forget to enter my contest too! There are plenty of slots left and I really want 'em filled >w<;; so please~!!!
Thank you all again!

-Audra Heart Heart Heart 
Greetings and Happy MAY friends~!
In honor of May, I'm going to grant you all the opportunity to take a THIRD SLOT!
That's right! If you've entered twice, you can make another Moxie!
And I invite all of my watchers, even all of you lovely new ones, to enter~ :3

I'm gonna come up with a secondary round too, once all of the entries are in! Stay tuned and fill up those slots!

Hello everyone!
If you all could do me a huge favor and share this contest! Share it with everyone! I want more people to enter~

Bonus Points if you draw your Moxie doing random things, hanging out with some other characters, demonstrating their power, singing a song, doing what they like etc. etc. 

I have a new group you all should join! It'll keep you updated with the webcomic and you can submit your entries and if you want, you can also create human/monster OC's~ 

Why hello, everyone! Airborne  

I wanted to announce a few things.

First, I wanted to give a big thank you to literally all of my watchers, people who favorite and/or comment on my art, and just people who visit my page. Every favorite, comment, watch, and view means the world to me. Love Love Love Love 
Even if I can't/don't always respond and reply to every compliment and comment I get, just know that I LOVE AND APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE ONE I GET~!!!

Second, I'd like to hold a contest in honor of my webcomic, Arcadia, which I'm currently in pre-development for! As you may or may not know, I've posted a ref for the so-called "superhumans" that the comic revolves around. Which you can find here: Arcadia - Moxie Reference Sheet by itsaaudra

There's a whole description for them there, so I won't copy/paste it here. 

Now, for the world of Arcadia, it's pretty difficult to single-handedly come up with 100 or so powers and characters to go along with the powers. So, for this contest, I'm going to give a list of unused powers below. You must choose one (OR TWO!) of these and create a character (OR TWO!)! 

Here are the main characters, well, some of them. Use them as a reference for your character to "blend in" ---> Arcadia: The Heart Society - The Main Moxies by itsaaudra

This character must have a few specific things, though: 
Bullet; Blue Facial Markings and Tattoos; how many do they have? How strong are they? Are the tattoos predominately on their arm? Their belly? Their face? Tattoos themselves are pretty basic. Lines, tribal-esque, dots; some can be pretty different but try not to go too different. 
Bullet; Blue An Affiliation; are they members of the Heart Society (the good guys)? Are they slaves of Stanley (the bad guys)? Are they between the two of them/antiheroes? Or are they unaligned? IF THEY ARE HEART SOCIETY: please explain how they were found/how they came to be in it. Remember, unaligned =/= bad guy! Keep in mind that most Moxies are unaligned or the bad guys. 
Bullet; Blue An Ability that fits their character; are they masters at hand-to-hand combat? Can they walk through magma? Are they able to handle harsh weather conditions? Ability must have something to do with their powers in some way. 
Bullet; Blue How they Died/Why they have the powers they do; did they die in a bear hunting accident? How about a broken neck from some mobster? Did they get struck by lightning? 
Bullet; Blue A Heart Meter; how far along in their journey are they? Are they new Moxies or have they been collecting heart shards?
Bullet; Blue Original Design/No Mary-Sues; they can't have rainbow hair and sparkle like diamonds... unless that's one of their abilities. 
Bullet; Blue A Name; they don't have to have BOTH a human/real name and a Moxie name, but they can if you want to! But their Moxie name needs to have something to do with their character. 
Bullet; Blue Can they fly?; wings or no wings. 
Bullet; Blue Clothing; if they're in the Heart Society, they have a red heart with two black lines through it; one vertical, one horizontal. Their clothing has to have some blue on it. If they're on Stanley's side, they have a marionette's handle, in an X shape, with lines coming down and reaching the end of their sleeve/clothing/whatever. If they aren't in either of those two factions, their clothing doesn't really matter much. 

Here's a template you can use to describe them:
???: The Moxie of ???
Real Name:  
Sexual Orientation: 
Home Town: 
Cause of Death: 
Why was were they chosen as the Moxie of ????: 
Any Fun Facts?:
What does their voice sound like?: 
Theme Song: 

So, that's pretty much it! Design a character, be as in-depth as you want. The more in-depth you are, the more chance your character has of winning. 

Here are the rules:
Bullet; Red You can choose TWO powers and create TWO characters maximum. There will be a limit to two people per power. Only one design will win that slot. 
Bullet; Red Your Moxie can only have ONE power and cannot associate with any other. For example, you can't have Nail Manipulation and incorporate fire-nails or something
Bullet; Red Preferably make a new design; no old characters remade to fit in. Also, please no self-inserts... okay, maybe you can. Note me, we'll talk. 

Bullet; Red Moxies are basically recycled humans, so no furry/anthro characters, preferably. If that's all you can draw, we can work something out.
Bullet; Red No all-powerful demons either. 

Bullet; Red No stealing/copying art. No recolors. 
Bullet; Red If you cannot draw very well, you CAN write an entry. It needs to be pretty detailed. 
Bullet; Red If you prefer to use bases, that's fine too. I even made a base for this contest in particular. That's right here: Moxie Base by itsaaudra

You may be asking... what are the prizes? 

Bullet; Purple The winner for each slot will make an appearance in the comic! Whether it is a major role or just a cameo in the Moxie Database is dependent on how well your design/character is. 
Bullet; Purple The loser for each slot will still get minor appearances in the comic, but as humans/passerbys. 
Bullet; Purple Basically I'll draw your character no matter what. 
Bullet; Purple Everyone wins!

I know it doesn't sound like much, but it is to me!
And now, for the list of powers. Remember, if the slots are filled, I can't do anything for you.

Ink Generation (Produce ink, of any hue, as a weapon): FULL!!!
1. jinxazumara Jinxazu Moxie *Updated* by JinxazuMarai
2. LaughterLover Chelsea The Moxie of Ink

Odor Generation (Produce horrible, or nice, odors):
1. SillyBrownies Skunk

Environmental Adaptation:
1. PhantomisErik Hazina

Fear Inducement:
1. GirlyRainbowVampire Design Contest Entry - Fear Inducer

Slime (Produce Slime/Viscous substance as weapon):
1. GirlyRainbowVampire Design Contest Entry - Slime Maker

Illusion Casting (Cast Illusions; such as a replica of themselves): FULL!!!!
1. scalesdadragon667 John, the fool. @heyitssuadra by ScalesDaDragon667
2. Bookworm39

Lasers (Produce lasers as weapon):

Mirrors (Produce mirrors and reflect attacks back):
1. The-UnRealistic

Shields/Forcefields (Some forcefields can absorb powers and reflect them back):
1. Queen-Of-Ink Sheen the Shield of light

Decay (Cause organic things to rot rapidly): FULL!!!!
1. Immaseagoathearmebaa ARCADIA: Gamma
2. SillyBrownies

Hyperkinetics; Superhuman Speed:
1. lovelymeows
2. IronBloodAika

Echolocation (Preferably blind; use sounds of some kind to find and attack enemies):
1.  jinxazumara

Matter Ingestion (Ability to Eat Anything, even powers):FULL!!!
1. Queen-Of-Ink Devon the devourer
2. GirlyRainbowVampire

Dimensional Travel (Basically like Uncle Grandpa; 4th wall breaking and can open portals to other dimensions):FULL!!!
1. PersonelChange Gate: The Moxie of Dimensional Travel
2. AquasProductions

Astral Projection/Astral Possession (Out of Body Experience; able to briefly possess people by kicking their spirits out): FULL!!!!
1. PhantomisErikSeance: The Moxie of Possession
2. LaughterLover Jerry-The Moxie of Astrol Projection by LaughterLover

Metamorphosis (Transformation; no animal transformation, but the power to transform into enemies or reshape body for combat): FULL!!!!
1. The-UnRealistic

Sublimation (Turn body into mist/air):
1. Queen-of-Ink Moxie: Layla

Animation (Animate inanimate objects): FULL!!!
1. MotherofCrap 
2. LaughterLover Lora-Moxie of Animation

1. PersonelChange Ballistica - Audra style

Weather (Control over weather): FULL!!!!
1. MCRetroX
2. The-Invader-Trixie Arcadia: Cloud Chaser

1. sorrowscall Stretchy Moxie by sorrowscall

So, go ahead and choose one or two and get cooking.
Once your entry is done, just tag me in it or post it here~
The best part about this contest is that it doesn't end until all of the designs are in! So, no real deadline! >w<

If you think you're gonna enter, claim a power now before they're gone! 
ANYONE CAN ENTER!!! If you happen to stop by my page and want to enter the contest, DO IT! 

Good luck everyone and I'll keep on trucking with fanart and original art~ <3

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Audra Cohen ٩ ( ✪͈̀ ᗜ ✪͈́) ۶
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You can call me Doomy or Audra. I live in New Jersey and it's not as shitty as everyone says!
I'm really laid back and I like to talk to people, so leave a comment or send me a note if you wanna be my friend! I promise I'll get to it :,D

I am still practicing and working on my art. I'm not the best; nor am I the worst, imo. I work hard on most of my art. So, please, give me a watch, or at least check my work out. Even give a critique or something! I want to know how I can improve even further!

Drawing is just one of my passions. I also enjoy sculpting, painting, making movies, watching movies, and taking long walks on the beach.


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Maybe Slappy's slime doesn't do direct damage, but hardens after a short time and can hinder anything caught in it. It's especially effective when used on an opponent's spellbook, since when it hardens they'll find they can't read, turn the page, or even open it until the stuff breaks off naturally.
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I hope Sting screams so we can get a scream of Rage Quit proportions.
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